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New videos of Chris Evans added!

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I added 2 new videos of Chris Evans to the Multimedia Zone so, you can go there to watch the videos online, comment or download them.

— 2010-10 – Fotogramas Interview with Chris Evans

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Chris Evans Web Multimedia Update!

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I added a new video of Chris Evans to the Multimedia Zone so, you can go there to watch this online, comment or download the video.

— 2010 – The Losers – Official Trailer

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Chris Evans Involved in Telekinetic Gun Fight in ‘Push’ Clip

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Confronting Djimon Hounsou’s Henry Carver in a Chinese restaurant, Chris Evans’ Nick Gant gets into a telekinetic battle and ends up fighting for his life in the clip of ‘Push’.

A two-minute clip from “” has been unraveled. Taking its focus on one of the main characters, the video footage features the time ‘ Nick Gant gets into deep trouble when he decides to confront ‘s Henry Carver in a Chinese restaurant.

Walking into the restaurant, Gant firstly uses his telekinetic power to lift up his two guns in the air. After he comes face-to-face with the Division agent, he slowly lowers the guns to take aim directly at the heads of Carver and his companion. But, things go wrong when Carver slaps the gun away and his quiet companion starts attacking Gant, forcing him to fight for his life.

A riveting action-thriller, “Push” revolves around Nick Gant and Cassie Holmes, a young man and a teenage girl with paranormal ability, one is able to move things with his mind and the other is a clairvoyant or watcher. Having been hiding since the Division murdered his father, Gant is forced to come out from his save haven when Holmes seeks his help in finding Kira, an escaped “pusher” who may hold the key to ending the Division’s program.

When the presence of Holmes attracts the attention of the Division’s human bloodhounds, the two are forced to flee for their lives and stay one step ahead of the authorities to find Kira. But, that is until their path crosses Division Agent Henry Carver, a pusher who will stop at nothing to keep them from achieving their goal.

Directed by “Wicker Park” helmer Paul McGuigan, the sci-fi thriller for Summit Entertainment stars Chris Evans, , and Djimon Hounsou. It will blast off in U.S. theaters on February 6.

“Push” Clip

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New trailer for sci-fi thriller Push is released

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HERE’S the new trailer for sci-fi action thriller Push, directed by Paul McGuigan and starring Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle and Djimon Hounsou.

Evans plays Nick Gant, a ‘mover’ with telekinetic powers. He and Fanning’s character, Cassie Holmes, who is a ‘watcher’ able to see the future, take on a secret government agency which wants to exploit those with superhuman abilities. Evans and Fanning spoke earlier about their roles in the movie.

Written by David Bourla, Push is set for release in February 2009 and for those like me who love X-Men, Heroes and similar projects, it looks brilliant so far.

Scottish director McGuigan gained nominations and awards for his surreal 1998 film The Acid House and was hired to direct 2006 crime thriller Lucky Number Slevin on the basis of his work on British flick Gangster No 1.

Other paranormal people in the film are pushers (able to force thoughts into people’s minds so they believe they are real); bleeders (who emit high-frequency sonics that can disable or kill); sniffers (who can perceive the history of anything they can smell); shifters (who can change the shape of objects around them); wipers (who can erase memories); stitchers (who can heal the wounds of others) and shadows (who can cloak themselves and become invisible). [Source]

Click here to watch the video

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Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Evans, Will Patton, Ann-Margret, and Ellen Burstyn star in the drama


THE SKINNY: If Tennessee Williams’s other works are any indication, THE LOSS OF A TEARDROP DIAMOND will be quite a treat to watch.

Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Evans, Will Patton, Ann-Margret, and Ellen Burstyn, the film follows Fisher Willow (Howard), a disliked 1920s Memphis plantation owner’s daughter. She falls in love with Jimmy (Evans), and tries to pass him off as an upper-class suitor to appease her aunt (Ann-Margret). She loses a diamond, which puts their relationship in jeopardy.

Take a look at the trailer:

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